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What is OWise

OWise is the accredited mobile app and website that helps you regain control of your life from the first day of a breast cancer diagnosis. OWise provides safe, reliable and credible information as well as practical support and guidance. 

You can monitor and share changes of your day-to-day wellbeing with your care team or other trusted individuals. This way you can help your doctors to make timely and informed decisions on how to give you more personalised care. 

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How it works

Easy to use on all
your devices

  • Tailor the app with your profile details
  • Access a personalised treatment report
  • Keep everything in one safe place

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Designed with you and for you

  • Enter and view your upcoming appointments
  • Record and take notes throughout consultations
  • Take photos and story securely in your diary
  • Access a list of personalised suggested questions
  • Track over 30 different side-effects 
  • Visualize your wellbeing over time
  • Share this with your care team
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Get the app and regain control

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