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Integration of OWise data in TrakCare

Patients have reported to be well supported by OWise breast cancer (JMIR Cancer, 2016), particularly soon after diagnosis and during medical treatment.

Also, as a treating clinician you may benefit from having access to the patient’s real time, self-reported outcome data which can be viewed from the patient’s EPR in TrakCare.

This will look like the view pictured on the left and other views, including a table and separate graphs, which can be accessed through TrakCare.

View the clinician information flyer here.

Introduce OWise to your patients

A few simple steps

  • Use the folded OWise patient brochures, which have been delivered to the hospital, soon after patients receive their diagnosis.
  • Tick as many of the boxes that are applicable to that patient in the Profile Details section.
  • These are the intake questions a patient needs to answer when starting to use OWise.

You may want to ask patients to bring it back when more details become known.

A woman answering OWise profile detail questions on an iPad

How patients can share their
data with you

  1. Ask patients to follow the instructions in the additional OWise Data Sharing leaflet (attached to the OWise patient brochure).
  2. Ask patients to call you or a dedicated person of your care team when they have generated their Data Access Key, which is a unique code securely linking the patient’s OWise Self-Reported Outcome data to their record in TrakCare.

Please enter this code in the patient’s EPR in TrakCare (see instructions below):

  • Click on the Down arrow on the left-hand column within EPR.
  • Click Self Reported on the left.
  • The OWise window opens up and shows a single text field where you enter the code.

Following the successful entry of the data access key, the patient’s self-reported outcome data will be visible to all clinicians of your NHS Health Board, in real-time.

For a quick overview of how OWise works within NHS Lothian, watch the video or call us for a more information.

More info

Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

Screenshots of trends that you can switch on or off in OWise

Personalising your patient's PRO data

If you are interested in patients recording specific side effects or symptoms, please ask them to actively track them in OWise.

This way you can view those Patient Reported Outcomes in real-time in TrakCare.

See the screen shots on the left, which show the side effects and symptoms that are switched on (purple) and off (white) in the default mode in OWise.

See for yourself

Feel free to test the OWise yourself by downloading the app or using the website.

  • When you register, use “TEST” in the Invitation Code field and “CIC” for the Hospital Access Code.
  • Please note that a patient’s Data Access Key needs to be entered in TrakCare within 7 days once it has been generated.
  • For security reasons it has a limited lifetime. However, a patient can simply generate a new code again if the previous one is expired.

Please let us know if you need more patient brochures.

Try the app

View OWise PRO data in TrakCare

Patient reported outcome data with UKONS gradings

Multiple views of patient's
side effect & toxicity data

  • As a monthly heatmap, aligned with the UKONS colouring, demonstrating where a patient experienced side effects or symptoms with a red, amber or green rating.
  • As a real-time diagram with all graphs overlaid to illustrate trends or associations.
  • As individual graphs when you click on the button “separate” in the top right corner.

Access OWise data

Log into a patient record on TrakCare

  • Once logged in search for the correct patient and navigate to the EPR in the normal way.
  • Click on the Down arrow to see the other Charts in the EPR.
  • Click on the side chart “Self Reported”.


A web screenshot explaining how a clinician can view self reported trends from a patient
A web screenshot showing where to put the code in to view trend reports

Key in the OWise code provided by the patient

  • This will update the screen and load a window with the OWise data. The code will be hidden after the update though.

If the code is revoked by the patient, you can enter it again:

  • Scroll down past the OWise window and enter a new code.
  • This will reload the window and create a new URL with the new code.
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